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Dress Code Guidelines

Tall & Small / Combo Classes

 The only requirement for our young dancers is a QUALITY DANCE SHOE please. The local discount stores are mislabeling play slippers as official dance shoes. Any color and/or style of dance wear is fine. Keep in mind, the kids turn upside down during stretches & tumbling and need body-hugging clothes. 


 Ballet slippers (any color) and clean lines required (leotards and tights required for Brigitte Ballet classes; preferred for all remaining Ballet classes). Ballet skirts welcome for all but Brigitte's classes. Hair pulled back. No foot thongs or bare feet during barre work.


 Foot thongs, lyrical or ballet slippers. Bare feet okay for our "Contemporary" classes! Hair pulled off face and clean lines preferred. Ballet skirts welcome. 


Dance clothes please! Work out wear is great. Be aware if your class is a combo class with tumbling, then body hugging tops are prudent.  


 Gymnastic "booties" only please. Absolutely NO bare feet on the mats! No foot thongs, roman sandals. tennis shoes please. Any color gymnastic bootie is fine. Body hugging dance wear a MUST for safety when being spotted on stunts as well as remaining "covered up" when upside down. Hair styled so that you can stand on your head or do a front roll without it hurting. Tights are required if dancers are wearing a leotard, short shorts or bootie shorts. 

Hip Hop

If the class is Hip Hop ONLY, then hip hop style clothes are fine; baggy pants, etc. Hip Hop sneaker dedicated to class (not worn outside) or jazz shoe please. Try to keep baggy & loose to a minimum so the teacher can see what you are doing!  

Jazz/Hip Hop Combo

Jazz shoe or hip hop sneaker please. NO street shoes. Jazz pants or work-out clothes. NO JEANS OR BAGGY STREET CLOTHES.  

Jazz & Technique

Your choice for footwear! Jazz oxford or bootie, ballet or lyrical slipper, foot thong, etc. NO STREET SHOES. Ask the teacher before dancing completely barefoot. Any color dance wear; clean lines please.  

Adult Classes

The appropriate shoe please. Aside from that, as long as you feel comfortable & can move freely, it's fine!